Profile Product Details

Profile was developed from ideas, experience, spreadsheets and manuals, over the years, for today’s Petroleum Engineers to quickly develop consistent, reliable and model independent hydrocarbon and associated production profiles

The application is intended for Petroleum Reservoir Engineers to :

  • Quickly prepare and analyze primary and associated production profiles.
  • Compare to analogue fields for well spacing, recovery/well, plateau offtake rates, decline rates,
  • Quick-look sizing for facilities throughput capacity for all production and injection streams.

The assumptions behind Profile are based on the various phases of production life of an oil or gas field, ie,. a buildup period, a plateau period and a decline period.

Primary Hydrocarbon Stream

Two different approaches for generating primary hydrocarbon phase production profiles are provided within this application.

Either :

  • The ability to generate a field production profile by defining the field production buildup, plateau and decline rates and recoverable reserves. The application solves for the required number of development wells; producers and injectors, that fit with the timing of the field production profile, or
  • The ability to generate a field production profile by specifying different well types and the schedule for drilling these wells. This approach permits the modeling of different well recoveries and workovers, etc. The field profile is simply the sum ofall the wells specified in the well schedule.

Associated Hydrocarbon Stream

Associated hydrocarbons can either be modeled as constant or variable condensate-gas ratio or gas-oil ratio, versus time via a simple analytical approach, or for oilfields by the Muskat depletion material balance equations.

Oilfield Water Production

Oilfield water production is calculated by knowledge of abandonment watercut and ultimate recovery factor and choosing a fractional flow type development. The user can quickly modify the shape of fractional flow development to suit their requirement or import their own fractional flow development.

Injection/Gaslift and Workover requirements

Both water and gas inject well requirements are catered for by inputting basic typical individual well rates for both. The application then calculates the required number and timing of these wells, and potential workover schedules. Gaslift and fuel and flare assumptions can also be input to help account for potential gas throughput sizing.

Quicklook Facilities Sizing

Once all the appropriate input has been provided for the primary and secondary production and injection streams, a quicklook facilities sizing panel and cross check is provided to quickly calculate peak rates for a given facilities uptime. The application highlights any facilities limits that have been exceeded by colouring a series of alarms in the main results panel.

Calculation Tables & Interactive Charting

Tables of output are given at a field and well level. All data within all tables throughout the application can be copied to the clipboard by highlighting a range with the mouse and pressing the Windows standard CTRL+C keys. Presentation quality charts of output for all production and injection streams are provided. These charts are fully interactive; with extensive tooltips, zooming and panning, customizable colours, etc. Also, the user can save these charts as standard high quality image files, or simply copy to the clipboard.

Other Tools

Within Profile there are numerous tools provided to help the user develop better, quicker Production Profiles.

Well Scheduler

A tool to schedule the first production dates for a series of production wells given knowledge of their drilling and completion durations and improvement performance. Analyze

Actual Production Profiles

A tool to analyze the buildup, plateau and decline characteristics of a known well or field.

Backcalculate Decline Exponents

A tool to calculate the decline curve exponents having minimal knowledge of the production history.

Well PI Calculations

A tool to quickly, but approximately, estimate the well productivity index (PI) of a vertical or horizontal oil well.

Calculate Depletion GOR Profile

A material balance depletion method tool is provided for oilfields to calculate the primary depletion gas production, and is entirely based on the technique outlined by Laurie Dake in "The Practice of Reservoir Engineering".

PVT Calculations

A tool to calculate values for gas, oil and water fluid properties.

Recovery Factor Estimate

A tool to estimate a waterdrive recovery factor for use with the Associated Water Production main application section.